Innovative and easy-to-install keystone TV/SAT sockets

Find out how to make TV/SAT sockets with universal keystone holder easily, quickly and in the highest quality

Quick and easy to install!

Preparation with the CaP System

Prepare your cable with the innovative Pressure-on Connector (CaP): it’s so easy and you can use any type of coaxial cable!

Complete the connection!

All you have to do is apply light pressure to complete the connection. Thanks to the CaP System the transmission quality will be optimal

Choose keystone faceplate

Once you have chosen the keystone faceplate, simply insert the completed socket into the faceplate and install it in the frame

Why choose T&S Keystone Sockets?

Watch the demo

In the video you will see an example of making a TV socket with one of our T&S Keystone Modules, you will discover with your own eyes how simple it is to make!

1. They are made of quality materials that ensure excellent signal transmission
2. The connection is made with the CaP System: thanks to the Pressure Connector you can choose every type of cable (from microcoaxial to RG6) and completing the connection is effortless
3. The CaP is the only connector that offers a direct connection between the coaxial cable and the T&S Keystone Socket
4. They are available in F Female, IEC Male, IEC Female, BNC Female and RCA Female configurations
5. Together with the T&S Keystone Sockets you can choose from a wide range of keystone faceplates of the most important civil series
6. The end result will be excellent: elegant, functional and aesthetically pleasing

Choose your keystone faceplate

Together with T&S keystone sockets, you can choose from a wide range of keystone front panels from the most important civil series (ABB, AVE, BTicino, Gewiss, Legrand, Urmet, Vimar)

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