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Easy to do TV/SAT systems

Make the best TV/SAT installations Discover how to set up the best TV/SAT system with T&S TV/SAT ...

Easy to do TV/SAT systems2023-09-08T09:59:17+02:00

Your safe FTTH connection

FTTH secure with EASY LOCK Easy Lock is the innovative SC/APC adapter that prevents accidental and ...

Your safe FTTH connection2022-06-21T13:10:15+02:00

Easy-to-Install Universal TV/SAT Sockets

Innovative and easy-to-install keystone TV/SAT sockets Find out how to make TV/SAT sockets with universal keystone holder ...

Easy-to-Install Universal TV/SAT Sockets2022-06-21T13:29:55+02:00

FTTH without splicers!

No more splicing to wire FTTH Easy Fiber is the FTTH revolution that allow you to ...

FTTH without splicers!2023-09-08T09:30:12+02:00

FTTH is Easy!

Easy FTTH The revolutionary method to bring fiber to the home ...

FTTH is Easy!2021-11-24T16:21:05+01:00

We secure your FTTH connections!

Until now fiber optic has been used by skilled installers, but as FTTH is taking place, even common users ...

We secure your FTTH connections!2021-02-03T12:40:50+01:00

Let’s speed up the spread of FTTH

The spread of the FTTH continues at a slow pace and with extended deadlines. Beyond the bureaucratic processes that ...

Let’s speed up the spread of FTTH2020-08-04T12:38:45+02:00

The Perfect BNC for You

The patent of the Pressure-On Connector, revolutionizing coaxial market, has made it possible to realize the KBM: the high ...

The Perfect BNC for You2020-06-16T12:13:42+02:00

Suspension of activities until April 3rd

Following the Italian Government DPCM of March 22nd 2020 concerning the COVID-19 emergency, Telecom & Security Srl will be closed ...

Suspension of activities until April 3rd2020-03-26T17:08:56+01:00

An opportunity to improve ourselves

Difficult times like these can turn into opportunities that help improve the conditions of an entire community. In emergency situations ...

An opportunity to improve ourselves2020-03-19T10:55:44+01:00

Update on Coronavirus outbreak

In a troubled period like this for our country we express closeness to all health workers, doctors, nurses, virologists, ...

Update on Coronavirus outbreak2020-03-19T13:03:34+01:00
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