The spread of the FTTH continues at a slow pace and with extended deadlines.
Beyond the bureaucratic processes that hinder the development of this technology, on the technical side the installation of fiber optic systems has bottlenecks, especially in the last section, due to the lack of specialized operators.

Easy Fiber opens doors to thousands of installers who, despite not having specific expertise in the field of optical fiber, will be able to make their contribution to the spread of FTTH.

Thanks to its innovative patent, the Easy Fiber harness, already pre-connectorized in the factory, can be pulled through ducts having the same threading capacity of the connector (the zirconia ferula suitably protected by a heat-shrinking sheath).

Aside you can see Easy Fiber patch during sheath removal.

The SC/APC connector will be finished in a few seconds thanks to the Easy Fiber Kit (image aside): a set of four patented components that allow you to finalize the connector in a simple way and in less than 30 seconds.

We firmly believe in this innovative idea also and especially for the large number of unskilled installers who become part of this sector and that will make a decisive contribution in the development of the infrastructure of our country.

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