Easy Fiber

The revolutionary patch cord with an innovative patented system that allows to create top quality fiber optic connections in a simple and fast way.

Why choose Easy Fiber?

Easy for every installer

Thanks to Easy Fiber¹, the world of fiber optics opens its doors to every installer, even those not specialised in this field: thanks to its simplicity, it will only take a few minutes to pull the Easy Fiber cable and a few seconds to complete the connector.

Highest quality

Being pre-connectorized in factory, the Easy Fiber patch cord offers the best quality in optical signal transmission, as opposed to patch cords connected by soldering, which suffer from a decrease in quality.

Goodbye to splicers!

With its innovative and patented Easy Fiber Kit, completing the connector once in the field will be as simple as assembling a Lego and no specialised tools such as complicated and expensive splicers will be needed.

Discover the unique features of Easy Fiber

Innovative Towing System

The adequate protection of the ferrule and the Kevlar yarns, which provide considerable strength to the entire cable, allow safe, simple and quick threading, even within small diameter tubes crossed by other cables.

Pre-engraved sheathing

The sheath protecting the 900μm is pre-engraved in the middle so that the installer will easily unsheathe the cable by simply pulling the two edges of the sheath itself for the necessary length: the fiber with a small diameter will be better managed

Three Configurations

Available in 1-, 4- or 8-fibers configurations, Easy Fiber patch cords are ideal for cabling projects of complex housing solutions and the installation of multi-service systems

Easy Fiber Kit, the core of the patent

This practical kit allows to complete the SC/APC connector in 30 seconds!
Inner body (booth+body+spring)
External body (inner body+extractor body)
Dust cap
Simple assembly instructions

In every package of Easy Fiber you will find a QRCode which, after scanning, will show you the various installation steps with both written instructions and dedicated short videos

Technical Specification

Single mode fiber patchcord

CPR Class: Eca, Cca-s1b, d1, a1
Core diameter: 9 μm
Cladding diameter: 125 μm
Primary coating diameter: 600/900 μm anche Pico Breakout (kevlar)
External diameter: A seconda del numero di fibre
Towing system diameter: < 3 mm
Protection filler: filati aramidici (kevlar)
External sheath material: LS0H
Fiber type: G.657 A2
Standard connectors: SC/APC

Guaranteed optical performances

Insertion Loss: Grade C
Return Loss: Grade 1

Mechanical and enviromental characs

Usage: inside/outside
Dynamic bend radius: 20x cable diameter
Static bend radius: 10x cable diameter
Maximum cable pull: 50 N
Operating temperature: from -10°C to +50°C

¹Easy Fiber is a Telecom & Security international patent

Why should you rely on Easy Fiber?


Thanks to Easy Fiber, the world of fiber optics opens its doors to all installers, even those without any specialisation in the field.


We propose innovative and easily accessible solutions, following you step by step in the realisation of your projects that require the use of Easy Fiber.

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