Easy Fiber

Easy Fiber is a patch cord with an innovative system that allows to create top quality fiber optic connections in a simple and fast way.
The idea behind Easy Fiber system is to connect the patchcord NOT with the entire SC/APC connector but ONLY with its main component, the zirconia ferrule: in the factory the optical fiber is resineted to the ferrule and then lapped at 8°angle. In this way the optical patchcord, thus connectorized, maintains the same dimensions and the same threading capacity of the non-connectorized cable.

The reinforcing filler of the optical patchcord (kevlar) is used as a towing system, thus avoiding any possibility of collapse of the same in the vicinity of tight curves and preserving the integrity of the fiber: the rubber tail embedded on the ferrule holder and the cable sheath partially superimposed on the rubber tail protect the fiber in all points of discontinuity; there is also a PVC sheath for protecting the ferrule during the installation of both the patchcord and the remaining parts of the connector.

The patch cord is pre-engraved on two opposite sides to allow all installers to unsheathe the cable simply by pulling the two edges of the sheath itself for the necessary length; in this way any excess of cable can be stripped off to reduce its footprint (for example, with a 2.5 mm diameter cable and 900 μm fiber, the overall size is considerably reduced when the sheath of the cable is stripped away).

The patch cord is provided with the Easy Fiber Kit containing the remaining mechanical parts of the connector to be mounted in the field after the threading phase.

The Easy Fiber patchcord, not being made of conductive material, can be easily installed in small conduits, even in the presence of other cables (signal and energy).

Easy Fiber Kit

It consists of four elements:

  • an inner body composed by a booth, a body and a spring
  • a flange
  • an external body composed by an inner body and an extractor body
  • a dust cap

Inner body (booth+body+spring)

External body (inner body+extractor body)


Dust cap

Finalization of the connector in less than 30 seconds

Protection coating and towing system removal

1Remove the protection coating pulling the two strips

2Thanks to the pre-cut cable sheath, unsheathe the cable until the desired length of 900µm is obtained

3Cut the excess kevlar and part of the temporary ferrule protection

SC/APC connector finalization

1Slide back the rubber tail from the ferrule

2Insert the inner body and push back the rubber tail into it

3Insert the flange onto the ferrule matching the indicated reference keys

4Insert the inner body onto the flange/ferrule and detach the small handle from the flange

5Insert the external body matching the indicated reference keys

6Remove the temporary protection and insert the ferrule dust cap

Technical Specifications

Single mode fiber patchcord

CPR Class: Eca, Cca-s1b, d1, a1
Core diameter: 9 μm
Cladding diameter: 125 μm
Primary coating diameter: 600/900 μm anche Pico Breakout (kevlar)
External diameter: A seconda del numero di fibre
Towing system diameter: < 3 mm
Protection filler: filati aramidici (kevlar)
External sheath material: LS0H
Fiber type: G.657 A2
Standard connectors: SC/APC

Guaranteed optical performances

Insertion Loss: Grade C
Return Loss: Grade 1

Mechanical and enviromental characs

Usage: inside/outside
Dynamic bend radius: 20x cable diameter
Static bend radius: 10x cable diameter
Maximum cable pull: 50 N
Operating temperature: from -10°C to +50°C