Cable preparation

The cable preparation is slightly different from the traditional one, but the same for any cable size you may use.

Here are the 5 easy steps you need to follow to get the best cable preparation for the CaP System and to get the strongest machanical hold.

You can also download the instructions by clicking here.

Aside, you can watch the video tutorial for further details.

Cable ready in 5 easy steps


Slide the CaP on to the coaxial cable

2Insert the coaxial cable into the side slot of the stripping tool (SPC) about 1cm (3/8”); gently squeeze the blades while pulling the cable out to slit both sides of the jacket.

3Expose the dielectric by pushing backwards the jacket and the braid.


Insert the cable in the round hole until the dielectric just peaks on the other side. Rotate the tool + -90° while squeezing the blades to cut and remove the dielectric.

5The cable is ready.