Easy Key

Easy Key¹ is an innovative SC/APC optical fiber adapter in keystone configuration, equipped with Easy Lock system to lock the connector inside the adapter and avoid unwanted disconnections

Why choose Easy Key?

Have a practical Optical outlet on any keystone support

Easy Key, designed in keystone configuration, allow to easily have an optical outlet by simply mounting it on a universal keystone support

Equipped with a safety lock system to avoid unwanted disconnections

Easy Key has a special safety lock system that avoid any unwanted disconnection of the SC/APC connector to preserve the fuctioning of the entire system

Angled to guarantee a correct curvature of the cable

Easy Key is 40° angled to guarantee the correct curvature of the optical cable to avoiding possible damage due to involuntary impacts or furniture placement.

Easy Key installation on a rectangular wall box

Easy Key installation on a rectangular wall box

Easy Key

Easy Key takes advantage of the innovative Fiber Wrapping Spool to perfect manage the excess of fiber





The CAF is a plastic support that ensures the correct wrapping and positioning of the excess fiber optic cable inside the wall termination boxes.





The spool is hooked to the frame of the electrical building infrastructure systems and it’s specific for the 3-place recessed wall box and has the possibility of housing over 4 meters of optical fiber and any hot/cold fiberjoint.

Why should you rely on Easy Key?


With Easy Key your fiber cable is safely fixed in position so that your connection will encounter fewer or no malfunctions and more important your beloved ones can’t be harmed by the optic signal.


Thanks to its keystone configuration, Easy Key can be mounted in every relative faceplate to have a practical optical outlet respecting the standard of every country in the world.

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¹Easy Key is an international FAIT patent