Future-proof with Plug & Play Multi-Service System®

With the Plug & Play Multiservice System® designed by FAIT, both new and existing housing complexes will be future-proofed as all condominium services will take advantage of the ultra-speed and reliability of fibre optics.

Why choose Plug & Play Multiservice System®?

Easy for every installer

Thanks to the Plug & Play Multiservice System, the world of fiber optics opens its doors to every installer, even those not specialised in this field.

Highest quality

Together with their ease of installation, all components of the Plug & Play Multiservice System are rigorously tested and certified.

Goodbye specific tools

The Plug & Play Multiservice Installation exploits the advantages of Easy Fiber, the innovative preconnected patch cord that allows fiber to be brought into homes without special equipment.

Detailed design, simplified installation, extraordinary results

The optical fiber Multiservice System is an installation capable of managing all universal services to the users residing in a building, such as ultra-wideband connectivity with data and voice services, centralised terrestrial and satellite TV, video door entry, video surveillance and many others.

The fundamental elements that make up the Multiservice Facility are:

  • Head terminal
  • 4 fiber Easy Fiber cable for apartments
  • 8 fiber Easy Fiber riser cable
  • Star Centre of Optical Building Services (CSOE)

Condominium TV and optical cable service

The head terminal installed in the attic includes the Optical Riser Termination Box connected to the CSOE in the technical room via the 8-fiber Easy Fiber optical riser cable.

Use of the 8 fibers of the riser cable:

  • 2 reserved for 5G backhaul service;
  • 1 dedicated to the condominium terrestrial and satellite TV service;
  • The remaining 5 fibers are dedicated to the condominium terrestrial and satellite TV service (each fiber lit can serve up to 32 apartments).

The ‘head of the system‘ is built in the traditional way (coaxial). The TV signals are received by the antennas and amplified and equalised by a switchboard with programmable filters.

No invasive intervention in building units

No more splicing to bring fiber into apartments thanks to Easy Fiber

Easy Fiber, the multi-fiber cable for the apartments (from at least 4 single-mode fibers) connects the STOA in the apartment to the CSOE (Star Centre of Optical Building Services) in the technical room.

The Easy Fiber cable has a diameter reduced to the size of the ferrule (2.5 mm) and can be easily pulled into the ducts. The connectors will be completed easily and in a matter of seconds once in place.

An example of using the 4 fibres of the flat cable:

  • 1 fiber is dedicated to terrestrial and satellite TV service (the user can choose the desired orbital position from those available in the installation);
  • 2 fibers reserved for the FTTH service (1 fiber for technical and evolutionary redundancy)
  • 1 fiber for additional services (video door entry, video surveillance, meter reading, electric vehicle recharge control, etc.).
You choose where to install the optical outlet!

Your choice

Thanks to the innovative Easy Link and Easy Key sockets, it will be the end user who chooses where in his home to have the optical output.

Functional positioning

The technician will install the optical outlet so that the fiber modem is placed close to the main TV location (Smart TV, TV decoder, gaming console, etc.) instead of leaving it near the entrance as is usually the case with current optical outlet installations.

No masonry work

No wall work needs to be done to install Easy Link and Easy Key, and the result is effective and elegant.

Easy Link for existing housing solutions

The revolutionary universal socket that can be installed on any wall box (rectangular, round, square) even those completely occupied by services. Allows for simple, non-invasive installation of the optical output at a point of choice within the home

Easy Key for new housing solutions

The innovative angled SC/APC adapter in keystone configuration to realise optical output that can be installed on a dedicated faceplate. Equipped with safety lock that prevents accidental and unintended disconnection of the connector

CSOE, the core of the Multiservice System

The Star Centre of Optical Building Services is the point where the optical fibers that connect the building units for the various services are connected.

It is also the building’s flexibility point, where any service operator (telecommunications, television, etc.) can access these fiber optic connections.

It is realised by the superposition of several drawers to carry out the distribution of all signals to the apartments.

Watch CSOE Animation

Why rely on Plug & Play Multi-Service System


We are able to put the same contractor hired by the client in a position to carry out the work optimally, in fact without any further costs other than those of the materials we supply, we offer a range of services free of charge:

  • Plant design
  • Estimation of necessary materials
  • Exhaustive final inspection


We also offer a specific and customised training service free of charge by providing an operational Whatsapp group.

Our engineers, technicians and testers participate in the group together with the personnel of the installation company and the construction management, so that any critical issues can be dealt with and overcome in real time via messages, video calls and live demonstration videos of every single phase of the installation.

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