CaP, Pressure-On Connector

The CaP, patented heart of the CaP System, is a revolutionary non-metallic F male connector designed to make every coaxial termination simple, quick and reliable and to drastically reduce all typical problems which arise in terminating coaxial cables.

CaP, used with our specific adapters becomes a connector usable in all existing coaxial standards.

CaP, applied directly onto any device equipped with F female connectors, allows for the best possible quality connection.

The CaP is the only connector in the world to be:

simple and quick

universal for any cable


reusable and recyclable

worldwide patented

made in Italy

mechanically strong

electronically superior

available in 9 colours

CaP vs. F metal

Unlike the other F male standards (as screw-on, crimp and compression connectors), CaP has many advantages:

– it is made of a special plastic material and therefore it does not interfere with the passing of the signal;

– it is composed of only one piece so that you do not have to deal with little parts that have to be put together;


– it is compatible with all coaxial cables (from mini-coaxial up to 7mm diameter cables) thanks to its rear membrane which adapts itself to the dimension of the cable;

– it is mechanically strong to traction;

– it is quickly and easily installed and removed; it takes only 30 seconds for a termination;

– it is reusable many times since you can reopen the connection without damaging the connector; it is also recyclable;

– it is economical without effecting the quality.

As shown in the image aside, CaP is the only connector which can offer a direct connection between the cable and the device, thanks to the patented idea of the CaP System. Indeed the CaP is a simple mechanical solution to keep strongly together the cable to the F female through only one point of contact.

Only one point of contact means a lower loss of the signal and a better matching of the connection.

CaP electrical characteristics

CaP is certified as a F male connector with a Class A + screening.

CaP is certified as a F male connector with a return loss of > 23,02 dB @ 0÷3000 MHz.

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