The 30'' connection
you can't screw up!

What is CaP System?

CaP is an innovative non-metallic F male connector designed to make every coaxial termination simple, quick and reliable and to drastically reduce all typical problems which arise in termination coaxial cables.
How to use CaP System?

You can find in this section all the tutorial instructions and videos for the best quality connection with CaP System.
Which are the applications?

Thanks to its versatility, CaP cab be used in many applications and industries: from Terrestrial and Satellite TV to Home Theatre systems, from Video Surveillamce to Braodcasting, from Telecommunication Networks to RF Instruments, to Custom Cabling.

CaP is the only connector worldwide to be:
  • simple and quick
  • universal for any cable
  • economical
  • reusable and recyclable
  • patented
  • made in Italy
  • mechanically strong
  • electronically superior
  • available in 9 colours