From Coaxial to Fiber Optic

For more than 20 years, Telecom & Security has been riding on technological progress, constantly innovating while being attentive to the needs of our customers.
Thanks to this philosophy, Telecom & Security promotes the transition from coaxial connections to optical fiber by offering new and increasingly innovative solutions that can continue to guarantee maximum quality and be accessible to all, always being attentive to the evergreen coaxial market.

What is the CaP System?

The innovative non-metallic F male connector designed to make every coaxial termination simple, quick and reliable and to drastically reduce all typical problems which arise in terminating coaxial cables

What is Easy FTTH?

The revolutionary system for Fiber Optic connections allows FTTH wiring to be carried out in very few moves, without any skill and without doing masonry work, ensuring maximum quality.

Innovate by simplifying

This is our vision and thanks to it we constantly strengthen the bond established with our customers, guaranteeing simple but extremely effective solutions ensuring quality, reliability in every situation.

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Top quality BNC to perfectly suite your needs

KBM, KBM HD, KBM HQ, top qualitiy BNC designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. Discover the differences on the dedicated website.

Revolutionary fiber optic patents

Four perfectly engineered patents allow you to carry out FTTH installations in an all new way. Top quality, innovative, quick and of course easy to use.

Innovative Keystone modules

Keystone modular sockets for those who prefer or need to work on the international Keystone standard.

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